Private Coaching

For Impact Driven Professionals and Leaders Ready to Prioritise Purpose and Fulfilment and Play Big in Their Career

You want more from your career, don't you?
I see you!

You are an incredibly hard working, experienced and skilled professional who is grateful for the opportunities you had in your career.

I know you take nothing for granted and you give your absolute best to everything you do.

You are what I call a "Way Above Average" professional. You are way more capable than you think you are and more capable than others give you credit for. 

You want to do something meaningful and to have a positive impact on your clients, your team and your organisation. 

But there’s a problem... 

Deep inside, you don't feel like you deserve your seat at the leadership table.

Listen, leadership requires you to tame the voice in your head that says you are not enough or that success is not possible without stress.

It requires you to have a well trained and regulated nervous system and show up personally empowered and equipped to support others so you can be influential and impactful.

My passion is to help emerging leaders bridge the gap between how they perceive themselves and their true potential so they can play big in their careers while prioritising purpose and fulfilment.

My mission is to help highly sensitive and impact driven professionals whose early life experiences are hindering their leadership potential or who have been promoted without the right support.

I am equally interested in working with anyone who is going through a Spiritual awakening, feeling desensitised, or has lost touch with their true nature because of the pressures of the corporate burn-out culture.

Whether you want change in your career, in your business or in how you respond to your work environment, I have got you covered.

To change anything, you will need to change how you see yourself first.

You need to release the stories holding you back and activate your leadership skills because doing so is what is going to help you break through any glass ceiling holding you back from the respect and the impact you desire and deserve. You need to lean into your growth edges with purpose and intention. 

Activate your power and purpose so you can finally manifest a career that you love and a powerful legacy.

Create a future where you do what you love and care about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Sound like something you’d like to achieve for yourself? Well, apply for a Confidence and Clarity Call with me so we can identify what you will need to become the impactful leader you desire and deserve to be. If we both figure we are a good fit to work together, I will extend an invitation for the opportunity to work with me 1:1. 


"The work we will do together is not just about mindset and skills development. I help you heal aspects of your past that hinder your growth, and give you tools to support yourself and regulate your nervous system, so that you can be grounded, connected and empowered in your career, business and relationships."

My Proven Signature Method to Turn Your Career Around


Reclaim Your Healthy Power

We'll take inventory of each area of your life and identify what is working and what isn't, the old stories, conclusions and patterns that are holding you back so you can start seeing the possibilities for a brighter and more fulfilling career. You will turn off the autopilot and start claiming your authentic desires and start taking the lead in your own life.  We will heal any past wounds related to deserving your place at the leadership table.


Discover Your Puporse 

You will become clear on your path of purpose and service, assess your unique gifts and contribution and own your value.   I will help you embody clarity of your desired career and the confidence  required to make choices that align with the new and more empowered version of you. You will be able to articulate your value and show up authentically empowered to job interviews knowing that the role that is meant for you at a soul level is out there also looking for you. 


Activate Your Courageous Leadership

You will lean into your leadership and growth edges. We will address any gap in your leadership skills, strengthen your ability to tap into your empathy, creativity, resourcefulness and be motivated by your purpose and goals so you can embrace challenges with a positive energy. You will learn how to amplify your strengths and maximise what is already working well to achieve high performance and drive engagement so you can leave a legacy. 

Roadmap to Your Career Transformation VIP Session

There are a lot of high-achieving, highly experienced and multi-talented professionals who have great ideas and a lot of momentum and just need the right "guide" to help them create a Roadmap for their career or business transformation. This includes visionaries, healers and change makers who are called to something more meaningful, or have a project, a desire to start a business or grow their current business and want to understand the road ahead.

Is this you?

This 3hr VIP session is an opportunity to connect with yourself and your vision for an impact driven professional life that also supports your personal fulfillment.

In this session you will:

💎 Name and claim your talents, take stock of how these have contributed to past achievements and will contribute to future fulfilment so you have a strong inner compass for decision making.

💎 Identify the range of possibilities more objectively so you can apply for the roles or take the actions that support a bigger vision for your professional life.

💎 Acknowledge your authentic desires, needs, values and priorities so you can make key decisions and have a plan that is fully aligned with what matters to you and therefore experience more enthusiasm and fulfilment through your work.

💎 Eliminate any limiting beliefs and support your nervous system in being on-board with new beliefs so you can feel more clear-headed and safe to embrace changes.

💎Increase your clarity on the next steps to get you moving in the right direction.

Includes a Values and Desire Exploration Playbook and the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment (Complete DNA of talents) which will be sent prior to the session for preparation.

⚕️♿🚼 If you have a medical condition or some other life requirement that prevents you from being with me for 3hrs on Zoom to workshop your transformation, we can break it down into 2 or 3 shorter sessions. Not a problem. Pick the date for the first session when you book and email me to arrange the other times. 


People often don't acknowledge how brilliant they are and miss out on opportunities because of that.

I help you name and claim your brilliance and successes and elevate your identity and confidence to pursue your career and business goals.

– Marcia Teperman
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