Private Coaching

You want more from your career, don't you?

I see you!

You are an incredibly hard working and skilled professional who is grateful for the opportunities you had in your career.

I know that you take nothing for granted and you give your absolute best to everything you do.

You also don’t shy away from a good challenge. But you want more!

You want to do something meaningful, that makes the world a better place. You also want to develop your full potential and feel recognised for your hard work.

You want to have more influence and impact but are not willing to change your compassionate nature to play the corporate game.

You are craving for recognition, career expansion and to finally own your space.

You want to claim your seat at the table! To share your gifts and own your value.

But everyday when you are at work, you scroll through the job search app wondering if you will ever find a job that you will finally have the right conditions to thrive.

Your performance and morale are dropping and you are almost at a breaking point. All you can think is how do I exit this job and maybe the corporate space altogether.

The last few roles all shared the same barriers: toxic environments, controlling bosses and little or no growth.

Which makes you consider whether you should start your own business! But it all feels like a big stretch right now.

The problem is that if you have been stressed at work for a while, you probably need to reconnect with yourself or you will attract more of the same.

I believe that the world needs more heart-centred and compassionate people like you in positions of influence and authority.

But in order for anything to change, you will need to change first.

You will need to unleash your leadership skills and break through any glass ceiling holding you back from the respect and the impact that you desire and deserve.

I can help you activate your power and purpose so you can finally manifest a career that you love and a powerful legacy.

Let’s create a future where you can enjoy doing what you love and care about everyday!

So apply for a Confidence and Clarity strategy call with me so we can identify what you need to become the impactful leader you were born to be and decide if working together feels right. 

Apply to work with me

My Proven Signature Method to Turn Your Career Around


Reclaim Your Healthy Power

We'll take inventory of each area of your life and identify what is working and what isn't, the old stories, conclusions and patterns that are holding you back so you can start seeing the possibilities for a brighter and more purposeful career. You will turn off the autopilot and start claiming your authentic desires and taking the lead in your own life first.  We will heal any past wounds related to deserving your place at the leadership table. 


Discover Your Puporse 

You will become clear on your path of purpose and service, assess your unique gifts and contribution and own your value.   I will help you embody clarity of your desired career and the confidence  required to make choices that align with the new and more empowered version of you. You will be able to articulate your value and show up authentically empowered to job interviews knowing what is meant for you at a soul level.  


Activate Your Leadership

You will expand through your leadership edges. We will address any gap in your leadership skills, strengthen your ability to tap into your empathy, creativity, resourcefulness and be motivated by your purpose and goals so you can embrace challenges with a positive energy. You will learn how to amplify your strengths and maximise what is already working well to achieve high performance and drive engagement so you can leave a legacy. 

"The work we do together is not just about mindset. I teach you how to heal aspects of your past that hinder your growth, and how to support yourself, so that you can be grounded, connected and fulfilled & empowered in your career."

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