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A Nurturing Approach to Personal Transformation


Want to eliminate burnout, re-connect to your inherent goodness and wisdom and take inspired action towards your goals? 

You are an incredibly hard working and skilled professional who is not experiencing the results you would like to have in your professional life. 

There is a part of you that knows you are so skilled and capable and another part that feels deep inadequacy around being a leader. 

You are what I call a "Way Above Average" professional. You actively seek to make a difference to people and to your organisation and you want you work to be meaningful. 

But everyday when you are at work, you wonder if this is the right job, career or business for you. 

You question whether you are really as capable as you know yourself to be or if you should just settle and accept that leadership may not be for you.  

You have tried leadership development and executive coaching and as far as strategy goes, that was ok. But this kind of coaching didn't help you change how you feel on the inside. When it comes to boundaries, authentic and productive communication and influence you still feel that you are not where you would like to be. 

What you really need is to unlearn the programming that makes you choose work that doesn't let you shine. You need to reconnect with your True Self and bridge the gap between what is manifesting in your career and your true capacity and potentiality.

You need to reconnect with your brilliance, activate your personal power and expand the capacity of your nervous system to feel safe with growth and more responsability. You need to embody clarity and confidence and the leadership qualities required for you to have the results that you desire.

I’m here to help you move from from burnout, frustration and overwhelm to a career of expansion, impact and Soul fulfilment.

I'll give you the support, tools, and strategies you need to manifest a career and business you love and a powerful legacy.

Let’s create a career that you can celebrate YOU and YOUR LIFE every day! 

Who you are becoming is how you create your future

Hi, I'm Marcia

And I am here to shortcut your transformation and save you years of reading personal development books and working with traditional leadership coaches to figure out how to become a powerful leader.

I am a mother of two, a highly intuitive embodied leadership coach, life and career transformation mentor, business consultant, energy healer, author and motivational speaker and a lover of nature, coffee and drums.

With 30 years of experience as a professional across 5 different industries in both small business and corporate, I can support you with the right steps whatever your Soul is calling you to do.

Having lived in 3 countries, I am well versed in the cross-cultural and systemic issues that can have an impact on how we all perceive ourselves. You will have a safe space to bring all parts of you that are holding you back so you can transform your career, maximise your impact while stabilising and harmonising all the other areas of your life.

You will access your inner authority and the most abundant, grounded and empowered version of yourself.

I have a heartfelt desire to use my proven strategies to help you overcome any self-imposed limitations that prevent you from becoming an authentic and impactful leader in your personal and professional life. 


“From my extensive career and varied roles, one thing was always clear to me - I am all about empowering people, finding solutions and reaching great outcomes”. 

– Marcia Teperman

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