Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Take your power back, amplify your strengths and create a career of purpose and impact

You are an incredibly hard working and skilled professional who is grateful for the opportunities you had in your career.

But everyday when you are at work, you wonder if this is the right job and career for you. You question whether you want to ascend in your career or you should just settle and accept that leadership may not be for you.  

You want to grow and do something meaningful in your career and you want to feel free from subordination and the whole corporate game. 

What you really want is to reconnect with yourself, activate your power and find out what that meaningful path means to you. You don't want to wait years for your transformation to start while the days and years go by.

I’m here to help you move from from frustration and subordination to expansion and leadership.

I'll give you the support, tools, and accountability you need to manifest a career you love and a powerful legacy.

Let’s create a future you can celebrate YOU and YOUR LIFE every day! 

"Let the change in you make the world a better place"

Hi, I'm Marcia

And I am here to shortcut your transformation and save you years of learning and reading personal development books to figure out how to become a powerful leader.

I am a mom of two boys,self-leadership mentor, energy healer, success strategist, author and motivational speaker and a self-confessed tree hugger. 

Self-leadership to me is our ability to be intentional with our life, to fulfil our potential in alignment with our values and to leave our mark in the world. To be the fully expressed version of ourselves.

After going through a serious car accident and other challenging events, I have experienced first hand personal transformation, and used these experiences as a springboard to upgrade my life and experience more joy and alignment with my values and purpose and to step up in my leadership. 

My motto is that we have everything we need to succeed inside ourselves. I believe that the Universe really does have our backs. However, we need to be WILLING to access these inner resources and to deal with life with awareness and resilience. 

I have a heartfelt desire to use my proven strategies to help you overcome any self-imposed limitations that prevent you from becoming a powerful and authentic leader in your career and life. 


“From my extensive career and varied roles, one thing was always clear to me - I am all about empowering people, finding solutions and reaching great outcomes”. 

– Marcia Teperman

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